It gives us great pleasure to invite you to attend our 10th Vintage, Historic and Classic Car & Motor Cycle Rally.

Sunday 17th June 2018 at Tain Links.   

Entries are now closed for this year. Many thanks and good luck to all those who registered.

We have decided again not to go down the road of charging for entries to the rally in 2018. However if anyone would like to contribute, a donation box will be situated in the admin tent on the day. A small contribution will make a huge difference to our event, this is entirely voluntary.


Entries will be limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. It would, therefore be in your own interest to enter as soon as possible. No entries will be accepted after the closing date on 18th  May. Places for 'Late Entries' (charge made  payable on the day) will be very limited so to guarantee your place on the showground please submit your entry now.  Should you have more than one exhibit, Entry Forms can be photocopied or the relevant information submitted on a separate piece of paper, which I can transfer to an Entry Form. (PLEASE DO NOT PUT MORE THAN ONE ENTRY ON A FORM)


We are aware that not everyone enters to be awarded a prize and for that reason we give you the option of being judged or not being judged.  Please indicate on your entry form if you wish the judges to consider your entry for any award. Please be aware some of the judges may want vehicles opened or started up as part of the judging process. 


If you are a member of a club and wish to enter together in Class X, please nominate someone to be your contact for the club. They should fill in form with club name and indicate how many will attend. Individual members should not send in forms this would just confuse things. The contact will receive entry numbers to distribute to members prior to event.

I trust that we can count on your welcome support and look forward to meeting you on 17th June.

PS. If your address has changed since your last entry please put your old address somewhere on theform to ensure your details are not duplicated on our records. Thank you.